A – Z of Living with Dyspraixa P is For

A – Z of Living with Dyspraxia P is For

P is for Persistent

If you have to be anything at all when living with dyspraxia it is persistent.

That is why

P is for Persistent. Day to day things such as using a knife and fork or making a cup of tea can require a dyspraxic brain more energy to process. That applies to every aspect of life.

So being awake is sometimes a challenge. In many instances when living with dyspraxia, persistence is key with most daily tasks. It requires more energy for a dyspraxic to perform a basic task than it does for a non dyspraxic and if that task requires motor coordination or fine or even gross motor skills then persistence is required.

Fortunately, people living with dyspraxia tend to have persistence by the bundle and are able to develop coping mechanisms that enable them to complete a task that living with dyspraxia can make difficult.

And is not just when coping with dyspraxia that dyspraxic’s are persistent just ask anyone who has had the pleasure of teaching one or living with one.

P is for Persistence because living with dyspraxia requires persistence for those with dyspraxia and those around them.

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