The dyspraxic chef’s Top Tips For Food Hygiene

The dyspraxic chef's Top Tips For Food HygieneIt is one of the most important if not the most important part of cooking. Food hygiene. So here are The dyspraxic chef’s top tips for food hygiene and they will hopefully, make you more knowledgeable in the kitchen.

The dyspraxic chef’s Top Tips For Food Hygiene

  1. Use bactericidal soap to wash your hands

By having bactericidal in the soap you use to wash your hands with, it will kill the bacteria on your hands and enable you to keep the two most important utensils (your hands) clean. Take a little bit of soap and lather it in the palm of one hand, one it is sufficiently soapy, make a claw shape with the other hand and begin to gently scrub your fingernails in the palm of the soapy hand. Repeat this for the other hand.

  2. Cover cuts

Cover any cuts you may have on your fingers or hands with a waterproof plaster. This will prevent disgruntled dinners from finding blood and having bacteria in their food.

  3. Stay away if you’ve been sick

It might sound obvious but it can be extremely dangerous to everyone involved if someone has been cooking when recently ill. It is advised to stay away from food prep for 48 hours after the illness has passed if you have either sickness or diarrhea. Stay out of the kitchen and by a bucket and drink plenty of water.

  4. Pay attention to the temperature

Temperature plays a big part in food hygiene if food is kept at the wrong temperature it can cause all sorts of health problems.  For example, frozen food will go bad if not stored at -18c or lower and if meat or poultry are kept at 37c they become a breeding ground for pathogens and bacteria.

   5. Make sure it is cooked

Undercooked food can cause serious illness. Always make sure you pre-heat your oven or pan to the desired cooking temperature before cooking.  Follow cooking instructions carefully.Enough said on one.

For more information on food hygiene, there are lots of useful sites.  And if you live in the UK you can take an online qualification. The dyspraxic chef's Top Tips For Food Hygiene

Yours and hungry, 

the dyspraxic chef. 

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