The dyspraxic chef: Struggling to do the dishes

The dyspraxic chef: Struggling to do the dishes

The dyspraxic chef: Struggling to do the dishes

One of the most important but frustrating aspects of cooking with dyspraxia is maintaining a clean kitchen. I face a constant battle to keep my kitchen tip top because it is so small and as a hoarder (OCD related) I’ve more cups than your local cafe.

It’s not just the mess


Clutter and mess can frustrate me in most circumstances but in particular, they frustrate me in the kitchen. Especially when the kitchen is full of dirty plates and dishes. I am not keen on looking at old food on plates, sometimes, due to a strange relationship wth texture, I don’t like looking at it when it is fresh. Looking at it is bad enough but when you add smell into the equation, it is not long before I am wretching and trying not to vomit.

I have said before and will many times again, that living with dyspraxia may display symptoms that a non-dyspraxic may experience, but what is easy to forget, is that for a dyspraxic, these things intensify.

Why have you not done the dishes?

A question that a lot of dyspraxics will feel helpless when answering. If asked in the right context, I think that it is a question worth answering. Why do dyspraxics struggle to do the washing up? Or am I alone on this one? I don’t think so. If you consider issues with motivation, texture, smell and in general sensory overload may all contribute to why dyspraxics might find it a challenge.

I do do the dishes though

But I make such a mess, much like when I am cooking. I splash around like free willy at the end. Often cleaning the dishes by way of destroying the kitchen units in the process. I don’t like doing it but when I do I feel like I have accomplished something, which might sound strange to most, but it takes a real effort to do the dishes for a dyspraxic.

I better go do the dishes, and like 30% of participants in a recent survey, I hate doing the dishes, wish me luck. If you have to do them as well, I have some tips that might help.

Yours and Hungry,

the dyspraxic chef.

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