Dyspraxia symptoms – Anxiety

Dyspraxia symptoms - AnxietyIt is common for adults living with dyspraxia to suffer from anxiety. For me personally, anxiety as a symptom of dyspraxia comes in waves. There are times when I feel the world is my friend and others when I become so worried forget what it is that I was worried about and then become increasingly anxious trying to remember what it was that was worrying me. When anxiety is not affecting my emotional state it is attacking my attention span and various day to day interactions. An article in the BBC explains how anxiety affects the world view of sufferers.

Day to day with dyspraxia

It is not just the obsessive-compulsive behaviors that can cause some with Dyspraxia symptoms to suffer from anxiety. Everyday interactions that for most would not produce a second thought for but for an adult living with dyspraxia, it with could be the hardest thing they will do all day. Catching a train or ordering a coffee can be an almost hellish experience.

On reflection, I realize that as a child living with dyspraxia I also suffered from anxiety. Dyspraxia paired with an obsessive compulsive tendency to worry results in a lot of stress and anxiety.

I find a combination of things helps to combat these symptoms of dyspraxia. Exercise and a healthy diet are the main two but being able to develop an ability rationalize what it is you are anxious about. Sometimes it will be worthy of worrying about but other times it will not.

Never underestimate breathing.

I know that sounds ridiculous but most of us out there will not use the full capacity of our lungs and therefore not properly pump blood around our bodies. Fulling expanding your belly when you breathe will do just that and in the process naturally make you less stressed.

This is not medical advice. If you need medical advice or are concerned about anything you’ve read, consult a medical professional.