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The dyspraxic chef, who is he? I am a 20 something adult living with Dyspraxia. For those of you in the dark as to what that is, well, let the light shine brightly. Dyspraxia is a developmental co-ordination disorder that affects children and adults. I’ve heard it affects 5% of the U.K.

I have always found it difficult to describe what dyspraxia is without boring people to tears, but if I had to try to explain in a sentence how it feels: that box you’re trying to think outside of? I am still looking for it.

This was not intended as a dyspraxia blog. This was a blog about a dyspraxic person learning to cook. That being said, dyspraxia support out there is increasing and there is some great activism being done, so if I can raise a bit of awareness about the signs of dyspraxia or help people in overcoming dyspraxia in the process of learning to cook, then that would be a very positive thing indeed.

about thedyspraxicchef.com

When you know what you are looking for, dyspraxia symptoms in adults are easy to spot. Follow me and it won’t take long for you to see some. Cooking is something we are meant to struggle with and I personally do, but here’s to trying. And trying. And trying. Many have successfully made the transition into the kitchen and have the recipes to prove it. Myself, however, am yet to dabble.

Alas, my girlfriend has an injury to her right wrist and can no longer cook, so with her as my guide, I have entered the kitchen. And I have found that under the right circumstances, to paraphrase Rocky, “it ain’t so tough”.

So, close that freezer door, put those tins back in the cupboard and get ready to join me on my culinary journey to inspire my fellow dyspraxics into the kitchen. And anybody else, for that fact!

Yours and hungry,a little bit of chaos | the dyspraxic chef

The dyspraxic chef.