Dyspraxic Lunch Time Snacks: Tasty Toasty’s

Dyspraxic lunch time snacks can be quick and easy to make. At different times everyday adults living with dyspraxia the world over sit and ponder the same thought. What shall I have for lunch? I have on more than one occasion gone without eating lunch because I either can’t muster the motivation to cook or I simply can’t decide what to pop in the pan.

Dyspraxic Lunch Time Snacks

This one is a tasty, tasty toasty and you can have it ready in very little time. And best of all, it takes very little effort to make. Dyspraxic’s can be over or under sensitive to taste and texture and I am no different. That’s why I love making this tasty dyspraxic lunch time snack. It is so refreshing, the ham and cheese give it the savoury edge and the pineapple explodes with a fruity juiciness that gives you the refreshing lift you need with a dyspraxic lunch time snack. And the best thing about

And the best thing about pineapple is, that it has many health benefits, including a healthy dose of potassium. As a child living with a dyspraxia, I was told dyspraxic’s have a potassium deficiency. Which makes pineapples a winner in my books.

How to do it

Dyspraxic lunch time snacks can be really quick and easy to make. Just take two slices of bread lightly toast them, then place a pineapple ring or chunks on each piece and then place enough cheese on the bread to cover it. Place them under a grill or pop them on a frying pan on a low heat and let it melt the cheese until you are happy.

What you will need

  • Two slices of bread
  • Ham or topping of your choice

    Ingredients for tosti | the dyspraxic chef | Dyspraxic Lunch Time snacks

    Dyspraxic lunch time snacks

  • Two or three slices of cheese
  • Tinned pineapple slices (you can use fresh but for dyspraxic’s you might be there a while)

Oven gloves are your friend

Remember if you are using the grill, oven gloves are your friend and treat them as such to avoid any nasty burns.

Once the cheese has melted enough for your preference, grab the oven gloves and carefully pull the grill and place them on a plate.

Then tuck in.

Ham, cheese and pineapple tosti | the dyspraxic chef

Yours and Hungry,

the dyspraxic chef


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