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So this isn’t just a dyspraxic cooking blog. The dyspraxic chef does not spend all his time in the kitchen. He also likes to write about other dyspraxia related topics, to try and answer the question, what is dyspraxia?Fresh from the oven | dyspraxic cooking blog

On the menu, you will find a range of topics that as an adult living with dyspraxia, you might relate to.  You might be an adult living with a person with dyspraxia or a parent of a dyspraxic child. You might know nothing at all and that’s where I hope this section can help. By charting my adventures in the kitchen through this dyspraxic cooking blog, I hope to provide support for anybody seeking it. I also hope to have a laugh and to cook some tasty, tasty, food.

The subjects might cross over into the kitchen but the overriding theme is raising awareness about dyspraxia and dyspraxic symptoms.

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Read, share and enjoy.

Your and hungry,

the dyspraxic chef.