Deep Dish mixed veg lasagne dyspraxia symptoms

Dyspraxia symptoms and cooking – Deep dish mixed veg lasagne

Deep Dish mixed veg lasagne dyspraxia symptomsAlert the authorities. A man  with dyspraxia symptoms who blogs about learning to cook publishes a food-related article.

The dyspraxic chef is back to blogging about learning to cook, for now at least.

Adults with dyspraxia symptoms might lack the motivation to cook more than a neurotypical person. Even when the motivation is mustered to cook, deciding what to cook can be a nightmare and the organisation required to cook is what often puts a stop to things, before they have started. If I am cooking something complicated, more often than not, I will get some form of assistance with organising. Even then, I still make a preparation list.

Dyspraxic cooking experience

Rather than take you step by step through what I did, I will try to share my experience of cooking rather than just writing a list of instructions. I have made a recipe card though.  First off, I got all the ingredients out of the fridge and cupboards and selected the utensils I was going to use. A good piece of advice for people with dyspraxia symptoms in the kitchen, and life, in general, is to take things one step at a time. I started washing, peeling and chopping the veg, and all went well. It was a bit later once I’d added the veg to the pan to cook and I needed to start making the bechamel sauce that the problems arose.

Dyspraxia symptoms: concentration

As many people living with dyspraxia symptoms will attest, concentrating is difficult and losing concentration is easily done. I stopped whisking and started talking for long enough for the bechamel to resemble something a lot like porridge. “More milk, more milk, oh, too much milk, more flour.” It went on like that until, eventually, there was a sauce in the pan that might get away with being a bechamel. pre oven lasgne - Dyspraxia symptoms

I was tired by this point and aching to sit down, and my wrist was sore from whisking the lumps out of the sauce with a fork. Before I could though, I had to do the fun bit and I built the lasagne. That part is pretty satisfying. All the different ingredients are brought together and placed layer upon layer, upon one another, like building a wall. And who doesn’t enjoy grating cheese?  oven cooked lasgne - Dyspraxia symptoms

It went in the oven without fuss, and I wasn’t totally exhausted, so overall the cooking part went well. It went well because I was prepared with a list and had organised what I needed to do in stages. It also helps that I’ve made variations of this dish a few times now and I am becoming familiar with making it. Because being familiar with what I am cooking reduces stress and makes it easier to organise myself, saving myself time and energy.

Anyway, enough rambling. It came out of the oven all cheesy and golden, and three people thoroughly enjoyed it, making it worthwhile doing.

Why not give it a go yourself by following the recipe card?


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