Delicious Dyspraxic Chicken Jalfrazi

Dyspraxic chicken jalfrazi, doesn’t that sound delicious?  I may have mentioned this before. One thing I miss about England is the food.  In particular, I love curry and pretty much any curry, but when my Dutch friend Imran invited me to his place for a chicken jalfrezi, I offered my services as dyspraxic sous chef services and he duly accepted.

Dyspraxic menu | dyspraxic chicken jalfrezi

Dyspraxic chicken jalfrezi is on the menu tonight and here is what you will need.Dyspraxic Chicken jalfrezi ingredients | the dyspraxic chef

  • jalfrezi spices/powder
  • half a cup of oil
  • rice
  • peppers and onions
  • yogurt
  • tomato puree
  •  Chicken or cheese

What to do | dyspraxic chicken jalfrezi

To make it easier to read, I will bullet point all the dyspraxic action it will take to make this delicious dyspraxic chicken jalfrazi.

  • Slice chicken and remove all fat (be patient and take plenty of time) * top tip – use sharp clean scissors
  • add the chicken to a bowl of water to clean
  • marinate the chicken in spices and yoghurt
  • Cook the chicken in a pan with half a cup of sunflower oil on medium high heat
  • prepare the rice to boil
  • Take the chicken and add the puree and add more spice if needed
  • chop and add the veg (be patient and take plenty of time) 
  • Leave the pan on a low heat for around 20 minutes.

As always, there is no need to stick to the recipe for dyspraxic chicken jalfrezi add and remove as you see fit. Leave to cook on low heat with the key to knowing it is cooked it when the chunks of onion have separated and are soft.

Dyspraxic sous chef

I got off lightly today with the cooking, I did some slicing, which involved all its usual issues. But, I did learn how to make a dyspraxic chicken jalfrezi, which I am sure I will be eating again very soon.

Too hungry to take a picture

I got that excited about eating, I forgot to take a picture. I know it seems to be the trend to picture food and not one I love, but this is a cooking blog.  A true dyspraxic moment. Here is a picture of an empty pan. Dyspraxic Chicken jalfrezi empty pan | the dyspraxic chef

It was delicious, though, so a big thank you to Imran for accommodating the dyspraxic chef.

Yours and Hungry,

the dyspraxic chef.

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