A – Z of Living with Dyspraxia N is for

A – Z of Living with Dyspraxia N is for   A - Z of Living with Dyspraxia N is for

N is for Neurological condition/disorder

Often know as a learning disability dyspraxia is better described as a lifelong neurological condition or disorder.

A neurological condition or disorder is any disorder of the nervous system, a neurological disorder can manifest many symptoms such as muscle weakness and poor coordination.

Not brain damage

Dyspraxia, which affects patterns or sequences of movements is not Brain damage but brain dysfunction.

A person living with dyspraxia is born with dyspraxia but it possible to develop dyspraxia through sustaining brain injuries or from suffering a stroke.

More than a learning disability or difficulty

Like other conditions such as dyslexia and ADHD, dyspraxia is often referred to as a learning disability but it is more than that.

Although the impact of these conditions in a learning environment, for example, can often be huge and highly evident, that is not the only place they manifest themselves.

The learning environment is one where there is focus on, well, learning and dyspraxic symptoms will magnify in a learning environment if support is not provided.

I write this from the perspective of an adult and am relating it mainly to my university education, but the principle applies throughout education and throughout life.

Why I prefer Neurological condition or neuro diverse

When talking about dyspraxia I try to maintain a habit of calling it or referring to it has an NC or by saying that I am ND. (We are all Neurodiverse though) Either way is better than calling dyspraxia a learning disability. I think this for two reasons.

First, because I think the word disability is negative and has a stigma attached to it that is hard to loosen. The second reason being, that to call it a ‘learning disability’ is to oversimplify it and imply that it affects only learning. Which is simply not the case.

A neurological condition or disorder affects a person all of the time not just some of it. Sure, in a relaxed environment under no pressure, a disorder may not present many issues, but it is still present,

N is for Neurological condition because, in my opinion, it is a better label to give dyspraxia than learning disability or difficulty.

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