A – Z of Living with Dyspraxia M is For

A – Z of Living with Dyspraxia M is For          A - Z of Living with Dyspraxia M is For

M is for motor coordination

Did you see the dyspraxic catch the ball?

Probably not.

Well, I have to contradict myself there, I am quite good at catching, especially for a dyspraxic. I put that down to practice and anticipation because when it comes to throwing I am terrible.

What is motor coordination?

According to Wiki motor co-ordination is a combination of spatial movements and physical parameters, and motor coordination occurs when, for example, several body parts or limbs move simultaneously in an efficient and smooth manner towards an intended goal.

That is all good and well for the majority of the population but when living with dyspraxia, it is common for people to have poor motor coordination, resulting in ‘clumsiness’.

Walking in a straight line without tripping is an achievement some days and other days just a pipe dream. Please don’t underestimate how difficult it can be to stay upright and mobile as a person living with dyspraxia.

No complaints here, not many anyway.

I would like to make clear that this is not a complaint. I should put that as a disclaimer, because despite the challenges faced as an adult living with dyspraxia, with fine and gross motor skills; I am grateful to be healthy.

It is funny most of the time, there have been a few concussions that I would have preferred to avoid but on the whole, the bumps, trips and slips have been the source of a good laugh.

Playing darts is a laugh. Just ask my friends. I was accused of trying to break the board because I throwing the darts so hard.

Motor co-ordination can also cause issues in the kitchen, which I have documented. It is probably one of the hardest things about cooking with dyspraxia because the better your motor co-ordination is, the easier it will be for you to cut, peel and chop things in preparation.

M is for motor coordination because not everyone appreciates how much affect it has on our day to day Life, especially when it comes to people living with dyspraxia.

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  1. One thing I don’t like about cooking is cutting everything up, especially for soup. I don’t cut myself but it takes me ages and my boarder always says clean as you go, but I always make a big mess and clean up at the end.

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