A – Z of Living with Dyspraxia F is for

The dyspraxic chef A - Z of living with dyspraxia

F – is for football

The beautiful game is now filled with riches and greed but as an in-toeing, a spatially unaware dyspraxic child, that was far from my radar and has the Murdochs of this world set about stealing the game from the working community.

Anyway, not here to rant about that.

This one is a personal one but I am sure there are plenty of dyspraxic’s that have played football. For me, it has always been a case of try,try,try,try,try,try,try again and always with mixed success.

There has been the pain, both physical and emotional, including a few concussions,  but there has always been plenty of joy and plenty of memories to cherish from playing football. And I don’t know why, but I do enjoy diving towards the ball that some has struck as hard as they can to parry it or catch.

On a good day I would pass off as an average goalkeeper and on a bad one, a circus act. But I always do it with a smile, or at least I try.

F is for football because I love to watch and play it and you should never stop living with dyspraxia doing something you love.

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