A – Z of Living with Dyspraxia D is for

A – Z of Living with Dyspraxia D is for

D – is for diet   

Eating a well-balanced diet is half the battle when it comes to staying healthy. Living with dyspraxia is no different. Many of the things that an adult living with dyspraxia might have issues with can be improved or aided by a well balanced healthy diet.

As stated many times over, the dyspraxic chef has a keen interest in a healthy diet. It was not by choice however, it was driven by allergies and intolerances.

Living with dyspraxia

Living with dyspraxia presents at least one obvious obstacle and that is the way food tastes and feels. I have a great deal of issues with texture and that is common amount adults living with dyspraxia due to many dyspraxics being very tactile.

That can make it hard when you consider some of the foods that this affects. For example, I was informed that dyspraxics suffer from a potassium deficiency, a great weapon against that are bananas but I can’t eat them. I can’t stand the texture, “so blend it into a smoothie”, yes but the texture of that is just as bad.

D is for diet because living with dyspraxia can present difficulty when trying to eat a balanced diet.

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