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The month of April presents an opportunity. One to post a blog every day excluding the weekend with the exception of one Sunday in the month. I fool you not. I came across a blog which challenged bloggers to post every day for a month. The article did offer some useful advice for posting 26 times. It is advice I duly noted. Although I might have to get creative with some letters of the alphabet.

 A – Z of living with dyspraxia        the dyspraxic chef - A - Z of living with dyspraxia A is for

A – is for Attitude

Living with dyspraxia offers all sorts of day to day challenges making having the right attitude essential. I like to take my daily dyspraxia with a healthy dose of humour. If you don’t laugh at all the tribulations then frustration will take over.

It is important to remember as a person living with dyspraxia that just because you may find something difficult, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, you just need to find your way of doing it. Also. take into account that every single person will be absolutely rubbish at lots of things and good a few.

So, keep your best foot forward, even if the one behind is liable to trip you up.

I don’t always have the right attitude but like with everything in life, when living with dyspraxia you need to find a balance.

A is for attitude because without a positive one, living with dyspraxia can be harder than it has to be.

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  1. I am enjoying reading your blogs. Looking forward to seeing how creative you can be with the A-Z! I think your advice will be really encouraging to fellow dyspraxics! Well done.

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