A – Z of Living with Dyspraxia C is for

A – Z of Living with Dyspraxia C is for


C – is for cooking          

This one is an obvious choice for the dyspraxic chef but cooking plays a big part of life when living with dyspraxia. And that is whether or not as a person living with dyspraxia actually cooks.

According to a survey recently conducted by the dyspraxic chef, there is a relatively high number of dyspraxic’s that cook but they face a number of challenges. Many have the desire to cook but lack the support. I know that without the support of my sous chef the frog, I would struggle, she keeps me on track and on time.

Cooking has a big effect on life when living with dyspraxia, I face many challenges and one of my main drivers to cook is the fact that I blog about it.

The motivation to cook is often lacking along with the inspiration. Then there are the practicality’s of cooking, Chopping, washing, adding, stirring, issues with time management and concentration. Sometimes it is a wonder I have food on my plate once I have been in the kitchen.

I should add that I think there are positives to living with dyspraxia and cooking. I think dyspraxic logic is my secret kitchen weapon. On many occasions, I offer practical advice when in the kitchen with non-dyspraxic’s, that they have simply not thought of.

C is for cooking because love it or hate it we can’t avoid it and living with dyspraxia can make it harder than it needs to be.

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