Delightfully Delicious dyspraxic Ratatouille

For adults living with dyspraxia, finding simple dishes to make can be difficult. That’s where the dyspraxic chef intervenes.

You don’t have to be an adult living with dyspraxia to face struggles in the kitchen. Cooking can be difficult for people for many reasons. One reason why it can be tricky in my household, my dyspraxia aside, is food allergies. Both occupants of the house have various food issues which is why this dish is from the fodmap diet.

As an adult living with dyspraxia myself, I face the same problems I try to solve.

On the dyspraxic menu


So on the menu,  is the simple but delightfully delicious dyspraxic Ratatouille and for adults living with dyspraxia, it is (saying this cautiously) easy peasy, tomatoes squeezy.  Of course, adults living with dyspraxia will still encounter the same slicing dicing and chopping issues, owing to it being common for dyspraxic’s to have issues with fine motor skills.

What you will need

Aubergine x 1
Courgette x 1.5
Tomatoes x 4
Peppers x 2
Oil – a few tea spoons
Chopped tomatoes x 1 tin
Chill powder x 1 pinch
Salt and pepper
Wild Rice

As with many of my recipe’s there are little tweaks that might not be true to the dishes traditional recipe, that is usually due to a need to adapt rather than disrespect.

What you need to do

I have said before that it is not just adults living with dyspraxia that struggle to get to grips with their kitchens. So keeping it simple is important and the good thing about this is that the pan does most of the work.

So to the cooking.

Put a few spoons of oil in a pan and let it heat on low and in the mean time wash and chop the vegetables.

Easy, right? Maybe for some. I do seem to have developed a good way of chopping those healthy bastards though.

Although, today may have been the first that I handle and diced an aubergine. It was rubber and strange and I am not particularly a fan of the taste of it either. So I chopped it smaller than I had been advised so it was’nt so prominent in the dish.

Once they’ve been chopped, pop them in the pan which should have heated nicely. Add salt pepper and herb de Provence and don’t be shy with it. For a final quick, add a pinch of chilli.

Let it cook for around 25 minutes or until the vegetables are tender. After ten minutes add a tin of chopped tomatoes but only if you want to, that is just a homemade extra.

Boom, it’s on your plate and it is tasty and healthy.

Tuck in

I could not encourage you enough to get into the kitchen, adult living with dyspraxia or not, cooking can be liberating and rewarding.

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