Dyspraxic Lunch Time Snacks: Tasty Toasty’s

Dyspraxic lunch time snacks can be quick and easy to make. At different times everyday adults living with dyspraxia the world over sit and ponder the same thought. What shall I have for lunch? I have on more than one occasion gone without eating lunch because I either can’t muster the motivation to cook or I […]

5 Top tips to get children with dyspraxia in the kitchen

For parents of children with dyspraxia deciding what to cook for them can be a challenge. And getting them to do the cooking, an even bigger one. Due to poor fine motor skills, children with dyspraxia might struggle in the kitchen. However, with practice, like most things, children with dyspraxia can getter better in the kitchen. Here […]

Dyspraxic Jacket Spud

Dyspraxic Jacket Spud with cheese and beans

Dyspraxic cooking presents the dyspraxic chef with two big problems and they are 1. finding the motivation to cook (hunger is not enough) 2. finding practical things to cook. (My imagination can run wild.) The motivation for this one was home sickness more than anything. Although living away from home, you miss friends and family but I […]

Mixing ingredients | dyspraxic cooking | the dyspraxic chef

Dyspraxic Thai Curry | dyspraxic cooking

On the menu, is the dyspraxic chef’s attempt at a green Thai curry. I say attempt because it is dyspraxic cooking and I did not stick to a traditional recipe and was simply using what was on the shelf.  What did I use I hear you yell at your screen? The dyspraxic chef’s recipe for green Thai […]

5 signs of a dyspraxic food shopper

To be a dyspraxic chef you have to be a dyspraxic food shopper. Now, let it be known to Man, Woman and Beast that I like cooking, but I do not like to shop.  Each time I set off to the supermarket I forget the anxiety that food shopping brings. The stress of all the […]