What’s that cooking?

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Welcome to thedyspraxicchef.com!

Cooking for adults living with dyspraxia can be frustrating, difficult and challenging. But it can also be rewarding, colourful and tasty.

Expect swear words. I will try to keep them to a minimum for the younger audience, but I need to portray an accurate representation of what it is like to be in the kitchen with the dyspraxic chef, and that can be chaotic.

Adults living with dyspraxia typically are not meant to be very good at cooking. But I have always wanted to give it a go.

In terms of cooking background, I am pretty much starting from scratch and have previously been charged with the crime of having ‘no food culture’.

There is plenty of frustration in store, only to be out measured by determination and hopefully tasty, tasty meals.

Yours and hungry,
the dyspraxic chef